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Allgo – Another new wine from Dão

My dear friend James Johnson, who has stood in for me writing this column for the last three weeks whilst I was travelling, beat me to the mark writing about the new Dão wine from Niepoort last week.
As a great fan of Dirk Niepoort’s wine and an even greater fan of the Dão region, it would have been top of my list. So on returning from my trip, I hunted down a bottle myself and, whilst browsing through the Dão section at my local supermarket, another new Dão red caught my eye.
The name reminds me of that unfortunate branding exercise carried by the Algarve Tourism Authority a few years ago when they decided to call the Algarve “Allgarve”. The name Allgo on the label of this wine is equally dumb; a play on words from the Portuguese “algo” (something) that someone decided would be catchy by adding another ‘L’.
Anyway, apart from the name, this is another good example of modern and careful winemaking coming out of Dão region, but this is “algo” (something) quite different from most Dão reds.
What I usually love about Dão is the lighter style and structure of the wines when compared to, say, the Douro. But this one is full-bodied and quite rich with intense upfront fruit and solid tannins. This 2012 is drinking well but will definitely benefit from a few more years in the bottle.
The wine is made from a typical Dão blend of Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro and Jaen, but it is the Touriga that comes to the front, giving it the body and berry fruit notes not usually associated with the dryer reds typical of the region. Priced at around €11 in supermarkets.