Alleged tobacco thief shot by PSP police dies in hospital

Gondomar, the scene of the brutal beating of a 15-year-old, is now the focus of a new disgrace. A police chase after four alleged thieves ended with shots being fired, and one man dying from his injuries. The shooting took place after the thieves’ getaway car rammed the pursuing police car, reports noticiasaominuto. PSP agents “found themselves obliged to shoot” because they feared for their physical integrity, says the website.

The chase began in the early hours of this (Tuesday) morning, after the men are understood to have raided a café.

It continued into the centre of town, to a point where the runaways managed to ram into the police car, as well as into another stationary vehicle.
In the confusion of the shootout, two of the men got away.

Apart from the fatally injured man, one other – aged 19 – has been detained, along with various packets of cigarettes and a tobacco vending machine.

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