Alleged sexual assaults investigated by police

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

PJ Police are investigating three separate cases of the alleged rape involving a British woman, an Italian tourist and a Portuguese teenager over a three day period this week.

Police say the incident involving the British woman, who is believed to be around 30 years of age, happened on August 14 between 5am and 8am.

She told police that she left a nightclub at around 5am with a friend. She said that they were both drunk and while walking in the streets of Manta Rota they got separated from each other.  Her friend went to the Altura Camping Park, where they

were staying.

The alleged victim of the rape said she does not know what happened to her, as she woke up in the sand of Manta Rota beach at 8am.

She told police she then took a taxi to the camping park and then went with her friend to the Vila Real de Santo António health centre.

Doctors there sent her to Faro Hospital for analysis, which confirmed she had had sexual relations but did not present any signs of violence.

“We can’t confirm that the woman was sexually assaulted,” said a spokesman from the police.

On the same night, a 15-year old Portuguese teenager claims that she was kidnapped in the Altura area and sexually assaulted and abandoned on the beach of Manta Rota.

According to the police, the teenager sought help outside the Manta beach disco at around 1.30am, saying she had been kidnapped and raped on the beach by a man.

She had bruises on her arms and neck but police say tests carried in the hospital did not detect any sign of sexual activity.

In the third incident, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, an Italian woman who was staying in her holiday apartment in Olhos de Água near Albufeira left the house to smoke a cigarette.

Police say she was dragged by three men to the beach, where she claims she was raped.

She went to Faro hospital and medical tests showed that she had been sexually assaulted.

Police are investigating the case.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani man who worked as a receptionist in a hotel unit in Portimão was killed during the early hours of August 15 after being fired at by a shotgun.

According to the police, who believe the motive was robbery, the shooting occurred at around 3am when the employee opened the door to someone who rang the bell at the entrance of

Pensão Baltazar.

The suspect fired one shot, which immediately killed the victim.When the PSP police arrived, the robber had already escaped with about €100.  PJ police are investigating the case.