Nuno André Ferreira/ Lusa

Alleged ‘revenge attack’ behind explosions that injured five firefighters and GNR agent

Yesterday’s confusing incident in which six people – five firefighters and one GNR agent – were injured as a result of a call-out to an ‘explosive fire’ in the municipality of Nelas (Viseu district)- has now been explained as a “revenge attack” in a festering family feud.

The 62-year-old man arrested at the scene yesterday afternoon is understood to have come off badly in a dispute over inheritances. 

He is suspected of having been behind the explosions that followed the initial fire.

The explosive devices “of the type that cannot be typified” (according to reports) are now the subject of further police investigation.

It is unclear whether the arrested man has been charged with constructing and/ or igniting them, or even causing the fire in the first place.

The incident, in the residential community of Canas de Senhorim, began after a lawyer had arrived at the property (described as a garage and metal-workshop) to allegedly oversee a judicial order to seize various items of property.

It then developed, with the various explosions following shortly afterwards, into the early evening.

The most seriously injured men are in hospital, albeit none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

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