Alleged coin thief caught after rooftop chase in Olhão

It happened right here in the Algarve, but played out almost like a Hollywood action movie.

An intense rooftop chase last Friday (August 26) saw PSP police agents trying to catch a 47-year-old man, believed to have stolen €12,000-worth of antique coins from a house in Olhão.

The chase ended badly for the alleged thief, however, as he fell from the second storey of a building while attempting his great escape and had to be taken to Faro Hospital.

The case started over two weeks ago, when the man apparently broke into a house in Olhão and stole €12,000-worth of antique gold and silver coins, some of which were described as “unique in Portugal”, according to national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

He is also believed to have stolen cash, watches and other gold items.

PSP police were able to track the man down on Friday, but when he noticed he was surrounded, the alleged thief took to the rooftops to try to escape.

His attempt ended unsuccessfully, as he fell and had to be taken to Faro Hospital. However, he apparently left before he could receive treatment for the “fractures” he sustained.

CM says PSP police found the stolen items following house searches. However, “as he was not caught red-handed, the man will await trial in freedom” as an ‘arguido’ (official suspect), the newspaper added.