Alleged acid-bath murderers “could be out of jail this week”

Alleged acid-bath murderers “could be out of jail this week”

The alleged ‘acid-bath murderers’ of Braga businessman José Fernandes saw the opening of their trial collapse last week on a legal technicality that could see them out of jail in a matter of days.

It’s a new twist in the macabre and bizarre story that includes a so-called ‘warlock’ and a former security guard of maverick European MP and one-time head of the country’s law association, Marinho e Pinho (click here).

National tabloid Correio da Manhã explains that if the seven men are indeed released there will be nothing stopping them from leaving the country before a new trial is organised.

For now, writs of Habeas Corpus are being analysed by Supreme Court judges.

Meantime, Sol online has said that Porto appeal court judge William Gilman disputes the defence arguments that their clients should be freed, and has sent his reasons to the Supreme Court for appraisal.

CM says the news has left Fernandes’ family “terrified”, as they had hoped the people they believe responsible for their son’s brutal death would remain behind bars.

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