All the stars in the Algarve

A host of famous sporting personalities recently joined Luís Figo in a charity match at the Faro–Loulé stadium to raise funds for the Luís Figo Foundation (LFF) and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation (LSGF). The match kicked off at 7.45pm to huge cheers and countless Mexican waves from the crowds. The Luís Figo foundation were up against Portuguese team Laureus who were in the lead until the last few minutes when the Allstars scored an equaliser, ending the game at a three all draw.

Football fans from across Portugal filled the stadium to see their favourite players and sports personalities up close, among whom were Gazza, Ally Mcoist, Rui Costa and Marcel Desaille. Keen footie fans Linda and Michael Reeve joined the hoards and went to the stadium to watch the game and support the charities represented at Allstars’04. “The atmosphere was fantastic,” said Michael, “especially at the end when Sir Bobby Charlton surprised everybody by running onto the pitch and playing for the last 10 minutes of the match.” Coached by Alex Ferguson, the Allstars team also had a non-footballer in the sqaud, Michael Shumacher. “I thought it was very interesting that when Figo went off before half time, he gave his captain arm band to Shumacher,” Michael added.

Nothing is ever perfect!

The event itself was hailed as a huge success. However there were still many complaints regarding the parking facilities at the stadium. “It was terrible,” commented Linda, “Just like the February friendly – people were still arriving minutes before the end of the first half, because the parking was so badly organised.” The Reeve’s also explained how at half time when they went to get a drink, the stadium had run out of all chilled soft drinks and had only warm bottles of coke left. “It was a shame,” commented Michael Reeve. “The event was superb – everything from the footballers’ support of the charities, to the fireworks display at the end. But, sadly, the organisation was very disappointing.”

The Resident spoke to representatives from both the Luís Figo Foundation and the Algarve Stadium about the complaints that have been made. Both have claimed that they are not responsible for the lack of refreshments during the event, or for the insufficient parking facilities. “The foundation organised the event, and hired a company to supply the drinks,” a spokesperson for the Luís Figo foundation commented. “It is neither the fault of the Stadium nor the company employed for the occasion, that parking and drink supplies were not properly organised.” A spokesperson from the Algarve Stadium also explained how the parking and refreshment situation had nothing to do with the stadium itself.