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All the fun of the fair comes to town


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AFTER SEVERAL years of discord among stall holders and residents, Silves Câmara conceded to public pressure and allowed exhibitors to set up for free at the town’s annual All Saints fair, which took place between October 31 and November 2.

A spokesman from Silves Câmara told The Resident: “This year the Câmara decided to allow stall holders to come to the fair for free to encourage the revival of this annual tradition, which had been dying out in recent years.” When the fair was relocated to behind the city walls in 2004, there were widespread protests by stall holders who objected to the new location, fearing it would not attract enough trade.

This year however, thousands of visitors flocked to the event, which was full of stall holders from across the Iberian Peninsula.

Portimão will be hosting its annual 10 day fair from Friday 7
Portimão will be hosting its annual 10 day fair from Friday 7

One stall holder told The Resident: “The fair is much better this year, we can afford to come because the Câmara have not charged us to rent the space.”

He added: “There are lots of visitors but people are more careful about what they buy.”


Portimão will also be hosting a fair, which is due to start today (Friday) at the ExpoArade fairs and exhibitions park.

This annual 10 day event, which is held around Saint Martin’s day, celebrated on November 11, is now in its 346th year, having started in 1662.

Visitors to this fair will be able to buy a variety of items such as toys, jewellery, clothing, accessories, pottery, Christmas gifts and much more from stall holders, as well as the traditional roasted chestnuts.

Entertainment at the fair will include dodgems, tombolas and fair ground rides for children and adults.

This fair will be open everyday from 10am until midnight, except today, when it will open at 4pm and the final day when it will close at 11pm.

For more information, please telephone Portimão Câmara on 282 470 700 or visit the website, available in Portuguese only at