President of PSD Algarve, Cristóvão Norte
President of PSD Algarve, Cristóvão Norte

“All talk, no action”: PSD Algarve slams governmental visit

Opposition party believes visit will have “little or no practical results”

The government’s two-day tour of the Algarve has sparked strong criticism from PSD Algarve, which has accused the initiative of being “all talk and no action.”

Taking place yesterday and today (March 1 and 2), the visit is part of the Governo + Próximo’ (Closer Government) programme and has seen every government official – from Prime Minister António Costa to all ministers and secretaries of state – embarking on a tour of the region.

However, the initiative has been slammed as a case of “soft power and public relations” with “little or no practical results” by the regional delegation of the government’s main opposition party.

PSD Algarve describes the tour as “insulting” and accused the government of ignoring subjects which are “essential to the population and lack responses from the government.”

“The region’s health care situation is an example of this, a true scourge for those who live here and a national embarrassment which will see no developments from this visit,” the party says, citing the constant closures of Portimão Hospital’s maternity unit.

Just as depressing is the situation of education, with around 5,000 Algarve students still without a teacher in at least one subject,” it adds.

“This lack of workers is a keynote in all State services in the district, which lacks doctors, teachers, nurses, judges and other court officials,” the opposition party laments.

The A22 motorway tolls, the delayed renovation of the EN125 road between Olhão and VRSA, the long-promised railway link to Faro Airport, the “rarely mentioned” Portimão cruise port renovations and the region’s housing crisis are other key subjects highlighted by PSD Algarve which it says the government remains silent on.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]