In February this year ACAP (the Portuguese Automobile Association) estimated there are around 1.5 MILLION cars on the nation's roads that are over 20 years old... this would see the government raking in enormous sums of cash if IUC contributions are increased exponentially next year

All parties, including PS, criticise government plan to penalise old vehicles

With almost 330,000 signatories on the petition to cancel the proposed hike in road fund tax for ‘old vehicles’ (pre-2007), it is looking increasingly as if the plan will have to be changed, as even PS Socialists are against it. Television commentator Luís Marques Mendes has said it is causing “discontent, division and discomfort” on the Socialist parliamentary benches for the simple reason it penalises those who have the least. Elsewhere, not one party supports the proposal, albeit Socialists have an absolute majority and can therefore carry any proposal, irrespective of dissent.