Aljezur school announces next ‘Play in the Parque’ production

First staged in 2006, open air community theatre production “Play in the Parque” has become a much-anticipated annual event in the Algarve calendar. Produced by Aljezur International School, this year’s performance takes place on Friday, July 7 in the usual idyllic forest setting of the Parque de Merendas behind Barão de São João.

“The Lord of the Things” will take the audience on a journey through Fantasyland where residents join forces to reclaim their magical rights after newly-elected president Lord Donaldo Trumplemort tells them that everyone who believes in magic must leave “immediately and forever”.

Fantasyland tour guide Gladys MacMuggle leads the audience on a journey of magic, mayhem and madness, to meet characters you will recognise from The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, as well as some unexpected visitors who have wandered into Fantasyland at a particularly inopportune moment.

With surprise appearances and cabaret acts throughout the show, it is guaranteed to be a fun evening for all the family.

The play is written by Karen Whitten, who said: “The theme this year is magic which appropriately reflects the true magic that this ever-growing group of adults and children from such diverse backgrounds come together once a year to create. There are no auditions and everyone is welcome to join in. We have so much fun rehearsing and the actors never cease to amaze me with their hilarious interpretations of the characters.”

There will be signposts from the village of Barão de São João and audience members are invited to join the barbecue which begins at 5pm, with the performance starting at 6.30pm. All proceeds from the evening will go to Alwan Kindergarten in Syria.

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