Aljezur celebrates “world’s best sweet potato”

It’s that time of year again when Aljezur pays homage to its famous sweet potato, hailed by local citizens as “the best in the world”.

Between Friday and Sunday (November 25-27), the town is hosting the ‘Festival da Batata-doce de Aljezur’ at the Espaço Multiusos, from midday to midnight on the first two days and from midday to 10pm on the last.

Admission is free, allowing anyone to visit the festival and see what delicious dishes are being created this year using the town’s popular potato, which is most often oven-baked, fried in slices, or cooked as a sweet with sugar and cinnamon.

Besides being able to try them all, visitors can also enjoy a series of showcooking sessions, wine and liqueur tastings, sweet potato competitions and a fair featuring handicrafts and other regional products.

The annual festival is held as a way of celebrating the cultural and gastronomic link of the sweet potato to the local community, as well as to prove that the title of “world’s best sweet potato” isn’t used lightly.

In fact, the tubers from Aljezur have been officially recognised as a product with a protected designation of origin.

The event is organised by Aljezur council and the Aljezur Association of Sweet Potato Producers.

There will be a tourist train to take visitors from the parking area near the local health centre to the Espaço Multiusos.