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Aljezur Câmara approves five-star development

Aljezur Câmara has approved the construction of a five-star hotel, which will be the first large luxury development in the council and the south western coast of the Algarve.

The hotel, which was approved during a Câmara meeting on October 6, will cost an estimated 14 million euros to build and will be located in Canal Malhões near Canal beach.

Madeira-based group Lealock Investimentos will be responsible for this new development, which is due to have 59 rooms, 57 twin rooms and two suites.

There will also be a spa with an indoor swimming pool, two outdoor swimming pools, a biological swimming pool, restaurants, a bar and terrace.

“The entire project will be built on more than 220 hectares of land, which stretches to the sea, but the hotel will be built furthest from the coastline,” said Aljezur Câmara President Manuel Marreiros.

He added that the hotel project does not have a real estate component or golf course.

“The architectural project is of exceptional quality and I really hope that it could even win a prize,” said Manuel Marreiros.

The construction of the hotel complex, which has been designed by Lisbon-based architectural company Atelier Bugio, will occupy around 10,000sqm of the land available, with only one floor of the building being visible above land, making use of the natural undulation of the landscape.

“This development of great quality benefits the extraordinary natural conditions and landscape of Aljezur council and will soon be a great reference for Algarve tourism, with its high quality architecture being a highlight.”

Projects for the installation of electricity, plumbing and other details are yet to be approved for the development to go ahead.

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