Aljezur calls for construction of secondary school

Aljezur Council has unanimously approved a proposal to begin petitioning for the construction of a secondary school in the municipality.

The council reports a growing number of students having to travel daily to Lagos to attend secondary school, as Aljezur only provides first to ninth-grade education.

“Currently, over 100 youngsters have to travel around 70km every day, leaving their homes in the morning and returning at the end of the afternoon or at night,” said the council, adding that the situation is even worse for students who live further away from town.

For years, the low number of students in Aljezur made it hard for the council to make a viable case for the construction of a secondary school in the borough.

“However, given the new reality and believing that these numbers will remain stable and may even increase, the council believes there are the conditions to implement secondary education in the borough of Aljezur,” it said.

The council will now present its case to the Algarve board of school establishments (DGEEA).

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