Aljezur bones: “a woman”, says PJ as forensics now probe age

The mysterious bones discovered in a remote site near a ruined farm in the Aljezur hillside recently have been recovered by judicial police forensic experts and are now being tested for their age.

As a spokesman explained: “They could be six months old, six years or even 60. We don’t have the answers yet”.

All police appear to be sure of this far is that the bones belong to a woman.

As to any missing women in the area, our PJ source said this is not yet a matter under investigation.

“First we have to discover whether these are recent bones”, he explained. “Once we have that information, investigation into missing people may then go ahead”.

The bones were discovered at an abandoned farmstead by a man herding sheep who communicated his discovery to Aljezur’s archeological association, undertaking excavations at a site “around a kilometre” away (click here).

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Photo: view of the rural town from the ancient castle walls