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By Graham Stewart

Poor alignment is without a doubt the biggest problem in golf. It leads to the player compensating during the swing. For example, aiming too far to the right encourages the player to swing left; this ‘over the top’ action causes ‘Pulls’ and ‘Slices’.

Proper alignment can be the one thing that can make the biggest difference to a player’s shots.

The most important part of alignment and aiming is to set the club first to the initial target line and then to position the feet and body.

Start with the clubface by choosing a target one meter ahead of the ball. This is always a good idea as it is easier to align to.

Pick a target that will allow for your ball shape.

Now aim your clubface over your intermediate target to your final target.

Initially, let your feet and body aim left and once your club is aimed correctly then stand square to the clubface.

Your knees, hips and shoulders should all be square with your feet line.

Ask a friend to look from behind and see where you are aiming.

Lay a club on the ground and step away and see where it is pointing.

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