Algate – the fastest way to clean your land

A little over a year ago, Sérgio Araújo, decided to change his life around, take his professional experience and his expertise and move to the Algarve to create his own company – Algate.

In Lisbon, he help establish and worked for a large firm that specialised in providing banks, real estate companies and investment funds with a variety of property maintenance services, such as cleaning, painting, small repair works and deforestation of the outside areas.

Having been the manager for the Madeira, Azores and Algarve teams, he is no stranger to this region and is accustomed to the high-standards that renowned companies like Whitestar, or banks like Montepio demand.

Algate specialises in deforestation and land cleaning, with brush cutter and tractor, and sets itself apart from the competition for being fast, whilst getting the job done properly. “Just last year, the Boliqueime Municipality gave us a stretch of 50 km of roadside that needed cleaning, and given the size of the road the job had to be done on foot, we couldn’t use a tractor. They told us they knew, from previous years, this work would take at least a month to be finished. We delivered it in a little over two weeks!”, Sérgio proudly says.

Algate works throughout all the Algarve, with private individuals, as well as public entities such as parish councils, and is definitely the quickest and most efficient way to clean your land.

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