Algarve’s unusual water park

Querença will soon be home to the region’s first ever Water Museum after Loulé Câmara approved funding for the project as part of a bid to revitalise the Algarve’s rural areas.

The museum’s role will be to educate visitors about Querença’s long water-related history. It will be part of the national museum network and will be based in a 19th century building in the centre of the village.

As part of the project Loulé Câmara is also considering plans to renovate the nearby Fonte da Benémola and the Moinho de Rodízios water mill, build a bridge over the Ribeira da Benémola and renovate various local springs, including Fonte Filipe, Corte Garcia, Amores and Taipa.

A spokesman from the câmara explained: “The new water museum will cost around 300,000 euros. We hope that it will attract new visitors to the village and protect the area’s rich environmental heritage.”