Algarve’s sardine fishermen urge state to ‘hurry’ with subsidies

The Algarve’s sardine fishermen are urging the government to “hurry up” and publish a promised subsidy programme to help compensate their losses due to the current sardine fishing ban.

Over 40 fishing boats are docked in the Algarve since the end of October due to a government order, yet the fishermen have not yet been able to apply for compensation money.

“Last year we were able to apply as soon as the boats were stopped. I fear fishermen won’t be receiving their subsidies this year,” Mário Galhardo from fishing association Barlapescas told Correio da Manhã.

His counterpart in the Eastern Algarve, Miguel Cardoso from Olhãopesca, explained that there isn’t any other fish that makes a trip out into the ocean worthwhile.

“The boats are forced to stop,” he said, adding that the price at which carapau (mackerel), another very popular fish in the region, is being sold is not enough to compensate for fishermen’s losses.

According to CM, the office for the Secretary of State for Fishing said that a meeting was due to take place soon in which many subjects would be discussed, including subsidies for sardine fishermen.

Last year, the subsidies were only paid after Christmas.

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