Algarve’s sand city bigger and better.jpg

Algarve’s sand city bigger and better

THE FIESA festival in Pêra is to open its doors to the public on Saturday, June 7. This year’s event of the ‘sand city’, which promises to be bigger and better than ever, is dedicated to the World Wonders and will run throughout the summer until October 7.

The sand sculptures are almost finished. Artists have been working hard since May 17 and expectations are running high as the festival gets nearer to opening. A jazz concert with Mo Jazz Trio, a Portuguese acoustic band, and a circus group will delight guests at the pre-opening party on June 6.

To complement the amazing sand sculptures, FIESA organisers, Prosandart, have planned a wide ranging programme of culture for this year’s festival. It includes handicraft, an open air cinema, jam sessions and live concerts. FIESA will also receive this summer its first national meeting of percussion, entitled Projecto para os Mil Tambores, as well as its first meeting of Capoeira, the Brazilian slaves dance.

Tickets to FIESA are available at the main gate and cost four euros for children and seven euros for adults. The exhibition will open every day from 10am to midnight.

To view some pictures from last year’s event, click on the link located to the right.

Winners of last week’s The Resident/FIESA competition are:

David Whyte, Yvonne Whyte, Pat Gregory, Ina Gerber, John Skehan, Jenny Skehan, Francisca Rexwinkel, Luke Pierce, David Reid, Suzanne Le Poidevin, Rita Davies, Frances Williams, Ruth Drake, Michael Hunt, Jaap de Dood, Rosemary Bennett, Alan White, Holly Bailey, Tassoula Florides, Pentti Ahonen, Steve Lewis, Andrew Batson, Mrs. S. Partington, Claire Clarke, David Luke, Jyll Pease, Carrie Lynch, Isobel Costa, João Salvador and John Hunt.

Answer to competition question: Sydney Opera House