Algarve’s new low season cultural agenda

Dear Editor,

I am glad to see tourism and culture authorities finally doing something to bring the Algarve to life during the autumn/winter months.

There’s so much that goes on here in summertime that it can be quite a shock when things start to die down in October/November.

But the truth is, there’s really no reason for the Algarve to be so desolate in the low season.

The weather is amazing for most of the year, and there’s so much you can do here that you can’t do, say, in Northern European countries.

There are so many outdoor activities that the Algarve is well-prepared for. Horse riding, birdwatching and hiking are just a few examples of activities that can be enjoyed practically all year in the region.

But while this may appeal to some, not everyone is looking for such “physical holidays”.

That’s why authorities also need to focus on holding other appealing events, perhaps more related to culture (concerts, theatre shows, etc).

I realise that winter months will never be as popular for holidays as summer, but I do believe that many more people would come here if there were more interesting things to do and if they were better promoted.

There are a couple of websites that try to create an online ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything that goes on in the Algarve, but none of them are intuitive or well-presented enough to cater to such a wide audience.

This should be another point for authorities to focus on.

Though it seems like I’m complaining, I’m happy to see something being done to counteract the Algarve’s seasonality, and am hoping that we will be able to see changes as soon as this winter.

Simon C.
By email