Algarve’s MotoGP to go ahead in November “without public”

One of the decisions coming out of this afternoon’s Council of Ministers was that November’s MotoGP, taking place at Algarve International Autodrome, will not be attended by members of the public.

After the “unacceptable” ‘organisation’ of the Formula 1 races at the autodrome last week, prime minister António Costa said it is time to make things clear: Yes, people can leave their homes but only if “everything goes according to the rules: Stay at home as much as possible, and when you go out, go in safety”.

What happened in Portimão at the first Grand Prix to be held in Portugal since 1996 was “completely unacceptable and cannot be repeated”, said Mr Costa.

Thus organisers of MotoGP – due to take place on the same circuit between November 20-22 – have been told the event will not be allowed to have spectators.

“We cannot return to running risks”, said the prime minister.

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