Algarve’s Mediterranean Diet Route seeks new members

Gastronomy should become a year-round tourist attraction in the Algarve. This is the objective of a group of businesspeople behind the Algarve’s Mediterranean Diet Route, a project that is now seeking new members and hoping to attract national and international interest in the diet.

The first meeting of the Algarve’s Mediterranean Diet Route was held last week (February 3) at CCDR-Algarve in Faro. Featuring over 80 members, including restaurants, shops and producers, the route was created last summer in order to promote businesses linked to the Mediterranean Diet.

“We have everything we need to make the Mediterranean Diet an Algarve attraction,” said Artur Gregório, the president of In Loco association, also behind the project.

In fact, he believes the diet can be used to fight the region’s tourist seasonality, as gastronomy can be promoted all year round. But there are still some goals to complete.

Members agree they still have to stimulate the production of goods and services related to the Mediterranean Diet, and attract national and international markets who might be interested in this culinary experience.

Finding new members to help expand the route is another objective.

The association says there are many advantages in becoming a member. For example, members are being provided with Mediterranean Diet “stickers” that can be displayed in restaurants and shops, indicating the business is part of the route.

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