Algarve’s hospitals and health centres welcome 136 training doctors

Algarve’s hospitals and health centres welcome 136 training doctors

The Algarve’s public health services will be receiving some much-needed help this year following the announcement that 136 medical interns – 90 GPs and 46 specialists – have chosen the region to complete their training.

The interns were welcomed last week and will be carrying out their training at the Algarve’s two main hospitals – Faro and Portimão – and at regional health centres.

The list of specialists that will undergo their training in the Algarve is impressive, featuring two anaesthetists, one cardiologist, three surgeons, one infectious disease specialist, two gastroenterologists, three gynaecologists/obstetricians, two physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, four intensive care specialists, 10 internal medicine specialists, one nephrologist and one neurosurgeon.

Also joining the Algarve’s ranks as interns are two oncologists, two clinical pathologists, three paediatricians, one pulmonologist, five psychiatrists, one radiologist, one rheumatologist and one urologist.

The specialists will be working at the Faro and Portimão hospitals, while the GPs will be training both at the hospitals and at the region’s health centres.
Eager to motivate the interns, top officials representing the Algarve’s University Hospital Board (CHUA) highlighted the quality of the region’s training programmes for “young interns”.

Executive spokesperson Helena Leitão and medical director Mahomede Americano made special mention of the work carried out by the region’s clinical specialties, their tutors and the board of the internship programme, as well as its connection to the university, namely through the University of the Algarve’s Medicine course.

Paulo Morgado, President of the Regional Health Administration Board (ARS Algarve), also attended the event and highlighted the “proven experience” of both hospitals as training grounds for interns.

However, it remains to be seen whether these interns will continue working in the Algarve after they have completed their training.

In August 2018, the head of Portugal’s association of doctors said that most doctors do not want to work in the Algarve’s public hospitals.

“The interns who come to the Algarve either stay in the region to work in the private health sector or end up leaving after a year,” Miguel Guimarães told reporters at the time, explaining that doctors do not want to work under the “extreme pressure” they face in the Algarve.

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