Algarve’s geology by Ludo Broothaers

A talk entitled ‘Plate Tectonics: continents that move’ will be presented by Ludo Broothaers on Monday, November 12 in the Municipal Library of Tavira and on Tuesday, November 13 in the Municipal Library of Lagoa, both commencing at 6pm.

The Algarve History Association is organising this talk and explains: “Most people think our seven continents make an immutable and perpetual constellation on the map. In fact, there are more of them than just those seven. And they are not static at all. They do move, though not noticeable within a human lifetime, not even within the whole of human history.

“Processes that are active at present-day and have been so for the last four billion years. They enable us to explain the formation of all mountain chains on this globe. They also affect our daily environment as they are the reason why volcanoes spew lava everywhere and earthquakes turn cities into rubble, not to forget the dreaded tsunamis. To geologists, plate tectonics turned earth’s history into a movie.”

AHA talks are free to attend but monetary donations to enable the running of the association are welcome.

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