Algarve’s EN125 no longer “Portugal’s most dangerous road”

It may have its black spots, but the Algarve’s ‘bête noir”, the EN125 main road is no longer considered one of Portugal’s worst.

For those you need to travel to Lisbon and ride the CRIL (the absolute worst, linking Algês to Sacavem) or the A2 motorway – linking the capital to the Algarve.

These two highways have the highest number of accident ‘black spots’ and 2016 saw yet another leap in accident statistics.

The news comes from road safety authority ANSR which reports that accidents nationally are up for the third consecutive year.

Dangerous roads include the A20 in Porto, and the notorious marginal in Lisbon – running along the Tejo coastline to Cascais.

But for those in the Algarve who like to dub the EN125 the “road of death”, there are clearly many others to choose from – not least the IC1 around Alcácer do Sal where locals have daubed graffiti welcoming drivers passing through to the “road of death and blood”.

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