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Algarve’s “discreet [wine] revolution” featured on Grandes Escolhas cover

The Portuguese wine magazine published a 17-page article highlighting the region’s “bright future”.

The Algarve region is the cover story of Portuguese wine magazine Vinho Grandes Escolhas this month. In a 17-page article highlighting the region, journalist António Falcão talks about the History of the Algarve as a wine region since the arrival of the Phoenicians to the “discreet revolution” that started in 2000.

Several producers such as Arvad, Quinta do Francês, Quinta da Malaca and Artemis, as well as Sara Silva, President of the Algarve’s Wine Commission, were interviewed for the article, resulting in a thorough review of the region. The latter points out, “In 2010, the region only had 16 wine producers; today, there are 50”.

Cliff Richard is mentioned as a notoriety boost for the region, having planted his vines in 1998, followed by the arrival of large producers from other regions, Casa Santos Lima (Lisbon) and Aveleda (Vinho Verde, Douro and Bairrada).

Discussing every aspect of the region, from its terroir to current production, the journalist points out that, in the Algarve, “the majority of producers are in tune with the local consumer (especially the oenophile tourist), trying to produce increasingly fresher, more elegant and less alcoholic wines, especially whites and rosés”, such as Arvard’s Negra Mole rosé with just 11% of alcohol.

His review of the region is very positive: “The wines are very good. All that remains is for the rest of the country (and the world) to discover them, preferably by enjoying the magnificent Algarve cuisine”, he concludes.

Vinho Grande Escolhas