Algarve’s citrus fruits “are king” in Portugal and abroad

Regional entrepreneurs’ association Algfuturo has described the Algarve’s citrus fruits as the “kings of Portuguese agriculture” and increasingly popular abroad.

The statement came following data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE) which shows that the Algarve produced 300,000 tons of citrus fruits in 2016 – “almost the total of what was produced in the whole country”.

“But they are also kings due to their contribution to exports, which ensures that the country boasts a positive balance of trade in terms of citrus fruits,” the association says.

As Algfuturo points out, these fruits are not only delicious but “very good for you”.

“They are one of the ‘jewels in the crown’ of the Algarve and Portugal’s production sector, and they need to continue being promoted not only for exportation but to be consumed domestically too,” the association adds.

Algfuturo attributes the successful results not only to the region’s “natural characteristics” like its “soil and weather” but also to the “notable work that producers, associations and government entities have been carrying out”.

But there are still issues that need to be dealt with. Producers need to have the guarantee that their water supply won’t be cut off, and qualified labour is also lacking. More support should also be provided to producers to market and export their fruit, says the association, and many orchards face serious issues with fruit snatchers (click here).

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