Sidney Martins and Nélida Guerreiro (Photo: Guardia Civil)

Algarve’s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ robbers wanted in Spain

Couple are described as “dangerous” 

Spain’s Guardia Civil police are calling for help to locate Sidney Martins and Nélida Guerreiro, who have robbed four fuel stations in the Algarve and have now reportedly robbed another four in Spain.

The police force shared photos of the couple on its Twitter page, describing them as “two people of Portuguese nationality who have robbed four service stations in the provinces of Toledo, Badajoz and Seville” and stressing that they are “dangerous.”

The date of these robberies in Spain is not revealed but they likely followed the string of robberies that the couple – who have been dubbed in the press as the “Portuguese Bonnie and Clyde” – carried out in the Algarve in the past weeks.

Their latest raid in the Algarve was at a fuel station in Almancil on August 1 and was filmed by CCTV cameras, which showed how they used firearms and knives to threaten staff into giving them the money in the cash register.

The couple commit their crimes without any fear of being recognised, as they do not cover their faces during their robberies.

They are also relentless in their escapes, having stolen a vehicle and crashed into several cars – including a GNR police car – while fleeing the fuel station they robbed in Lagos on Thursday, July 28.

The couple were also accused in 2018 of killing 70-year-old Vítor Horta in São Brás de Alportel in 2018.

The man was found dead inside his house after a fire, and reportedly had a relationship with Nélida Guerreiro. However, both she and Sidney Martins were absolved of the crime in 2019 by Faro Court due to a lack of evidence.

By Michael Bruxo