Algarveans strike a chord with charity

news: Algarveans strike a chord with charity

At the AGM this year, it was unanimously agreed by the membership that, of the proposals received, the children’s home in Alvor merited the award. Consultations with the home’s director, Dr. Marisa Barbosa, had revealed that several of her young people were learning music and were held back from faster improvement because they couldn’t practise at home without having their own instruments.

After a visit to Portimusica in Portimão, the owner made a very generous discount and the following new items were ordered: four guitars and holding supports, a Yamaha electric piano, a flute, bongos and drum, two tambourines, two music stands, guitar tuners and, last but by no means least, a reconditioned accordion (a new one would have cost the entire donation).

The children were not aware of the surprise in store for them and, when all was revealed, their happiness was infectious. Hopefully, many more of these youngsters, who have been given such a difficult start in life, will now take an interest in music and theatre and join the Algarveans in a future production! If you can help them learn how to play their new instruments during the long summer break, please do ring Dr. Marisa on 282 441 230.

The Algarveans hope to be able to do this on an annual basis, if they continue to receive public support. Why not swell the membership by ringing Jackie on 282 687 410 and keep attending their productions? The Algarveans’ next play, a comedy, is in November and is called ‘Holiday Snap’. It will be performed at the new Lagoa Auditorium and, if the group can show the Lagoa Câmara how well supported they are, then they may be able to use it again!