Algarveans present autumn production

Life’s Like That! is the next production by The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group from October 27 to 29 at Lagoa Auditorium at 8pm each day.

Reflecting on the events that happen in the everyday lives of ordinary people, four different samples of daily living that could be happening in a town near you will be depicted by the group.

Have you ever bought an antique or rescued something from the rubbish because it’s too good to be thrown away or fallen into a conversation at a bus stop and learned something you didn’t know or been aggravated by somebody else’s grievance?

What about a driving test with an unusual vehicle, or the reading of a will that doesn’t turn out to contain quite what you expected?

“All this and plenty more happens in Life’s Like That! with some events making you look at people’s lives from another aspect or roaring with laughter at everyday silliness with hilarious results,” said a spokesman for The Algarveans.

Tickets, which cost five Euros per person, can be reserved by email at