Algarveans challenged by kidnapped gorilla

news: Algarveans challenged by kidnapped gorilla

Sadness and disbelief fell upon The Algarveans Theatre Group when they discovered that a heartless thief had stolen a box of essential props needed for Robinson Crusoe, their Pantomime now in its final stages of rehearsal. The incident is under investigation by the GNR.

A spokesman for the Algarveans group said: “This being carnival time, it may well be that someone will spot amongst the crowds many of the items, along with the beloved Gorilla skin adorning another human body, but don’t be fooled – this will not be an authentic Algarvean, merely a mean spirited impostor who may be dangerous, so please do not approach.”

Meanwhile, with true Algarvean spirit director Trevor Herrington, a man who has already dealt with and solved numerous problems and sparing no expense, has ordered carpenters to construct new props, purchased new plastic swords to wield and yet another basket of bananas.

Most importantly, and so as not to disappoint their audiences – especially the younger ones – another furry friend is heading toward Portugal to take his brother’s important place in this major production.

Don’t miss Robinson Crusoe me hearties coming soon to Lagos Cultural Centre on February 21 to 23 at 8pm with a matinee on the 23rd at 3pm.

Tickets for adults cost €10, children €5.

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