Algarve woos winter tourists with new campaign

Algarve woos winter tourists with new campaign

Algarve promoted as place for tourists to escape winter weather and high energy bills

The Algarve Tourism Association (ATA) has launched a new promotional campaign designed to woo tourists to the region during the so-called low season.

The campaign is named ‘Algarve: a different kind of energy. The only one you should spend’ and promotes the region as an “appealing choice for those who want to escape the rigorous winter and the increase of energy bills.”

Tourists are encouraged to “spend energy in nature” by enjoying the range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the Algarve’s mild winter weather.

“Get out and about, exploring untouched nature this winter and over 250 species that call the Algarve home. From salt evaporation ponds to rocky outcrops, long stretches of sandy beaches, and steep hills with hidden viewpoints, the diversity of nature in the Algarve is sure to amaze all who explore it,” the campaign’s website reads.

The campaign was launched alongside Algarve business association NERA with the goal of “responding to the current energy crisis that is being felt all over Europe, particularly in central and northern countries, where the winter is tougher and where there is a larger dependency on energy for heating.”

“Having identified a key opportunity to promote the region, the campaign aims to position the Algarve as a top destination for everyone looking to escape the cold and the high energy costs that are looming,” ATA says in a press release.

The digital campaign is being promoted mainly through a video which showcases “tourism products such as Nature, Sports and Nautical Sports,” as well as golf, hiking, birdwatching, cycling, and boat trips.

It is aimed at international markets such as the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain and at travellers who have the possibility to work remotely or stay in the Algarve for medium or long-duration trips.

“The (Algarve’s) sun and mild climate which it offers all year long and the diversity of its outdoor activities are strong arguments to convince all those who want to invest in their well-being and comfort and enjoy a calm winter,” said ATA president João Fernandes.

“Here, we do not only welcome our visitors with a warm and welcoming hug, we also provide them with interesting ways to spend their energy,” he added.

Fernandes also highlighted that visiting the Algarve outside of the busy summer season allows tourists to discover the region “at a different pace.

“As this is a calmer period, tourists can have more time and availability to live and feel the authenticity of the destination and to try everything that makes the Algarve unique,” he said.

Meanwhile, NERA boss Vítor Neto stated that this campaign is a great opportunity for local businesses.

“The arrival of travellers during this time of year is certainly beneficial for all businesses in the region, in the sense that it dynamises and breathes new life into our economy during a time that is usually less busy,” he said.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]