Algarve woos adventure-seeking travellers in Argentina

In a bid to showcase the Algarve as a top-class destination for adventure-seeking travellers, the region’s tourism association (ATA) took part in the Adventure Travel World Summit held in Salta, Argentina between October 15 and 19.

The event attracted 850 people from all over the world such as tour operators, adventure travel writers, tourism board representatives and industry partners.

Described as “more than just a conference, the Summit is a global gathering of an industry that works hard and plays hard, offering deep-dive educational content, big name keynote speakers and endless networking opportunities”.

ATA says it met with several tour operators and took part in several seminars which focused on the “profile of these kinds of thrill-seeking tourists, what their main tendencies are and what strategies businesses and authorities should take to attract them”.

“If we want to attract more tourists during the low season, we have to continue promoting the region among these niches and these kinds of ‘off-season’ tourists,” said ATA boss Dora Coelho.

She added that the Algarve’s participation in the event was “extremely important” as it showcased the “unique conditions the region boasts” for adventure tourism.

“The feedback we received was very positive,” Coelho said, adding that many were surprised as they only saw the Algarve as a “summer holiday destination”.

On a closing note, she said Portugal should have a stronger presence at these events as many are unaware of what the country has to offer to these holidaymakers.

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