Algarve Wine Tourism

Algarve Wine Tourism: the region’s new route for wine lovers

The English version of the website is due to be launched tomorrow (February 18)

The Algarve Wine Commission (CVA) has launched a new route for wine lovers entitled Algarve Wine Tourism.

The project aims to guide visitors around the Algarve, showing them where to find the best local wines or how to visit wineries around the region. Over 20 regional winemakers have signed up already.

“Algarve Wine Tourism is living proof that the Algarve has the capacity to be a leader in national and international wine tourism,” says CVA president Sara Silva.

According to the wine commission boss, the project has arrived at the “right time.”

The selling price per litre of regional wines is the highest in Portugal, tourism is growing and Portugal is already a leader in international wine tourism. We have great winemakers and great projects in this region. I believe all the conditions are in place for this project to be a success,” said Silva.

The Algarve Wine Tourism website brings together a wide range of experiences all revolving around wine but divided into three categories: Gastronomy, Leisure, and Heritage. The idea is to make it easier for visitors to the Algarve to find the experiences which are best suited to them, the commission says.

“The uniqueness of the Algarve wine region is due to the diversity of its winemakers as well as its terroir. The richness of its territory and culture is reflected on the experiences available on the website,” it adds.

Each experience can be booked by contacting the project’s partners directly.

The website is only available in Portuguese at the moment, although CVA has confirmed an English version will be available tomorrow (February 18).

The project is also being promoted with its own Facebook and Instagram pages (@algarvewinetourism), where the team will encourage visitors to share the wine experiences that they have enjoyed in the Algarve.

It will also be promoted at wine and tourism fairs, such as the upcoming Wine & Travel Week which will be held in Porto on February 21 and 22.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]