Algarve wine production grows 50%

The Algarve’s wine production has increased by an impressive 50% this year, way more than the 20% that producers were expecting. So said the Algarve’s Wine Commission (CVA) at the Annual Forum of Portuguese Wines which took place on November 30 at the Hotel Curia Palace in Anadia.

It was the largest increase out of any Portuguese wine region, though positive results were also recorded in Minho, Dão and Beira Atlântico.

CVA says the numbers are “excellent indicators” of what is to come for the Algarve’s wine sector, especially as the good news extends to the rest of Portugal.

On a national level, the output also increased by 4%.

Organised by national wine association ViniPortugal, the event also saw some exciting numbers being revealed in terms of the growth of Portuguese wines in foreign markets such as Canada, USA and China, where the increase has been of over 20% in the last four years.

The Angolans are also buying more wine again (+102%) after sales to the African country fell in 2016, while Brazil also saw imports of Portuguese wine grow 55%.

More good news also came from Europe, where Portugal is doing very well in two of the continent’s top importers, the UK and Germany, even though the tendency in Europe’s top countries has been to import less.