Algarve wine ‘goes digital’ during pandemic

A series of weekly interviews with local winemakers and improvements to its website and mobile app are some of the ideas the Algarve Wine Commission (CVA) has pursued in order to promote the region’s wines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Like so many others, the wine sector is seeking new ways to adapt to a ‘new normal’.

CVA had high expectations for its Open Day event, which was initially planned for March 23 but was postponed until May 4 only to eventually be cancelled. The goal was to give local winemakers an opportunity to showcase their wines in an event attended by representatives of the HORECA, an abbreviation for the food service industry, namely hotels, restaurants and cafés.

As an alternative, the commission has created a series of weekly interviews called ‘Às 5ªs na Quinta’ featuring a different Algarve winemaker every Thursday. The episode is posted on the ‘Algarve Wines’ Facebook and Instagram pages.

CVA is also carrying out improvements to its website ( with new information about local winemakers and how their wines can be purchased without leaving the house.

The ‘Vinhos do Algarve’ app is also being improved and will be re-launched soon with a “new image and available also for iOS”. It allows clients to see where each winery is located, where their wines are sold and which restaurants serve them. There is also a section with news related to the region’s wines and wine-related events.

Also being arranged is a partnership with Nutrifresco, described as “one of the leading fish suppliers in the Algarve.” The plan is to include bottles of Algarvian wine in the supplier’s fish and seafood hampers entitled ‘Peixe à Porta’, available throughout Portugal in June and July.

“At a time when social distancing is the focus of all recommendations, we have decided to take this as a challenge and opportunity to come closer than ever to our winemakers,” said the commission’s president Sara Silva.

“Using digital means as our allies, we started preparing alternative ways of getting our message to businesses, but also consumers who are key players in the consumption and increased notoriety of our wines.”

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