Algarve waterparks can finally reopen…

The government has released waterparks from four miserable weeks of enforced closure in the name of controlling the pandemic.

As reports have explained, the waterparks never agreed with the decision – bearing in mind they were already running to rigorous health standards imposed by the DGS (Portuguese health directorate) and had not even one case of transmission to their names.

The dispatch signed by economy minister Pedro Siza Vieira today, authorises reopening in municipalities of elevated and very elevated risk from tomorrow (Friday), on the basis that they continue to abide by all sanitary measures.

A report carried out by the DGS concluded (as waterparks themselves have said all along) that: “adequate procedures in these aquatic locales with respect to the disinfection of water (with chlorine or bromide) are efficient and sufficient to inactivate the virus”.

Chlorine is also “considered an excellent disinfectant for swimming pool water”, conceded the report – again simply catching up with the message given by APAP (the Portuguese Waterpark association, which had been fighting the closures tooth and nail click here).