Algarve water company wins national competitions

Regional water company Águas do Algarve won two out of three competitions at the national water management companies meeting held between November 24 and 26.

The company won best website and best environmental education action. The third competition was best information about water quality.

The meeting, organised by the Portuguese association for water distribution and drainage, Associação Portuguesa de Distribuição e Drenagem de Águas (APDA), was themed around the management of the urban water cycle.

Águas do Algarve has recently updated its website, which is now available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

It provides visitors with a variety of information about projects carried out by the company such as the construction of the Odelouca dam, as well as environmental projects including the Iberian Lynx reproduction centre in Silves.

In addition to information about water quality and testing, the website also includes information about environmental education, such as how to organise visits to water treatment plants.

For more information, please visit the website at