Algarve waste turned into energy

ALGAR, THE company that recycles the region’s solid waste, will be investing around 18 million euros to make energy for the national grid from waste materials.

According to Hélio Barros, a spokesman from Algar, the company is going to construct a biogas factory. “This project is already in the field and should be complete by 2010,” he said.

As well as biogas, Algar is also hoping to create waste and residue derived fuel that will be used in biomass plants and cement factories.

Miguel Nunes, director of the waste treatment plant, said that the heat produced during the burning of biogas to create electrical energy could also be used instead in other areas of the company, including to help heat the building or aid in the treatment of waste water.

He added that Algar was also working on a project to construct a new unit for organic waste to decompose in an anaerobic environment. Algar is also Portugal’s only company certified to compost green materials.

“At the moment, we have two units to make compost, which is sold not only at the factory door but also through wholesalers,” said Miguel Nunes.

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