Algarve voted Europe’s “Best Golf Destination” for second year running

Following its brilliant success at the World Golf Awards in November (click here), the Algarve has once again clinched a title for its wealth and quality of rolling green golf courses.

The region has been voted Continental Europe’s Best Golf Destination in the annual Travel Awards, promoted by Today’s Golfer magazine. It has also taken the title of “Best Value Golf Destination in Continental Europe” for the fifth time.

The TG 2018 Travel Awards are attributed according to votes by the magazine’s readership.

Say reports, the Algarve received 60% of the votes in the “best golf destination” category, and 40% of the votes in the “best value for price/ quality”.

Dora Coelho, director of ATA, the Algarve’s Tourism Association said: “The winning of these two prizes and the fact that the Algarve continues to be the Nº 1 choice of golfers from the UK is an enormous reason for pride”, while Desidério Silva, president of the state-funded RTA (region of tourism of the Algarve) added that golf “is a strategic product for the Algarve, that has come to receive innumerous international prizes that recognise the region’s excellent qualities for the practice of sport”.

The Algarve has more than 40 courses, and just in 2017, registered more than 1.3 million rounds played, “which represents a growth of 5.6% compared to figures for 2016”, added the RTA in a statement.

Income from players in the Algarve accounts for 70% of the national tally, adds ATA.

Meantime, there has been further “good sporting news” for the Algarve this weekend: Portimão is to be elected European Capital of Sport for 2019, snatching the title from Cascais which was also in the running for the title.

The decision was announced by ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) which “recognised” the town “as an example to follow in the promotion of Sport for all”.

Diário de Notícias said ACES considered Portimão’s development of municipal programmes to encourage people into practising sport to be one of the aspects that contributed to the town’s success in clinching the title.

A delighted mayor Isilda Gomes agreed this was one ‘feather-in-the-cap’ that many believed would be “improbable” which makes the fact that Portimão won it even more energising.

She said the town will now be “doing everything” to ensure it fulfills the ambitions set out in its bid, and see that sport becomes a “motivating force” in Portimão’s quality of life.

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