Algarve villas in high demand from Portuguese nationals

Algarve villas in high demand from Portuguese nationals

Throughout 2021, the rise of the ‘staycation’ for Portuguese nationals was a very notable trend. While this market would usually travel outside of Portugal, the pandemic obviously saw this change. As travel confidence slowly returned, SandyBlue still predicted that this trend would continue.

Recent figures show that it has, with more Portuguese than ever before looking for a luxury stay in the Algarve’s Golden Triangle. With special holidays like Easter on the approach, it’s a great time for villa owners in the area to attract these guests for quick getaways or a full holiday in the sun.

The Algarve’s popularity is promising
At SandyBlue, we have long admired the beauty of the Algarve and have seen popularity grow exponentially. Now, following such uncertain times, this huge interest from Portugal natives is a huge deal for the Algarve’s tourism space.

Choosing to holiday in your own country does not mean you relinquish the comfort and luxurious nature of a holiday abroad…and luxury villas offer that experience. So, it is exactly what this national market is looking for. We have already encouraged our owner partners to adapt to this trend, as ‘staycations’ allow them to offer shorter breaks which helps them build a loyal pool of returning guests. This is further enforced by people making up for lost time, booking shorter yet more frequent getaways.

New figures confirm high demand
Of course, it’s not just quick getaways getting interest. We have seen a big increase from the Portuguese market, with 51% more traffic in January 2022 compared to 2021. Furthermore, this traffic has converted into a 41% increase in enquiries for a full holiday in a luxury villa. Recent statistics from the National Statistics Institute show the same increase.

Between January and November 2021, with vaccinations underway and fewer travel restrictions, there were more stays from Portuguese residents in the Algarve than in the same period of 2019.

Meeting guest expectations in 2022
There is a big investment when holidaying in a holiday villa, so tourists are expecting the best. They look for properties that are finely cared for. The typical in-demand features for villas include large pools, close to the beach and a fast internet connection.

However, the main thing these guests look for is a property and villa stay that is professionally managed, with exceptional services and extras that make the holiday one to remember.

At SandyBlue, we work closely with our villa owner partners to show that their villas meet these criteria and, therefore, will meet expectations.

2022 is already off to an exciting start for the Algarve’s villa rental space, with forward bookings at an unprecedented high. Both Portuguese nationals and foreign tourists have the Algarve high on their list and we can’t wait to welcome them here!

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