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Algarve University announces line-up for Academic Week

THIS YEAR’S line-up for the concerts featured at the Algarve University’s annual Semana Académica (Academic Week) showcases the best of the country’s homegrown talent, and is taking place from May 4 to 13. Last year’s event saw a performance from international star, Alanis Morissette, thanks to funding supplied by the Algarve Tourism Board (RTA). However, the Associação Académica was snubbed by the tourism authority this year, a move that has angered Faro Câmara and students alike.  

Despite the hole in the budget, organisers are still confident the week will prove a success, as it will feature performances by some of Portugal’s best known bands, including rap artist Boss AC and singer Rui Veloso, who are also due to perform at the Algarve Summer Festival in June.  

The week gets underway at a minute to midnight on May 4 with a performance by the “Tunas”, the traditional Portuguese student music groups, at Largo da Sé in Faro, with the party continuing into the small hours. The next day, the city’s students will converge on the Penha sports complex, where the concerts are due to take place.

Taking to the stage on May 5 will be Oio-Ai, Toranja and Xutos & Pontapés, while on Saturday 6 there will be performances from Mafalda Veiga and Luís Represas. May 7 will be the turn of Klepth, Rouxinol Faduncho and João Pedro Pais. On Monday, the concert will feature Fio Dental, Hélder Rei do Kuduru and Rabo de Saia, while on Tuesday it is the turn of Mind Lock, Tara Perdida and Ramp. Wednesday, May 10, is reggae night and will feature performances by Expensive Soul and Mercado Negro. On Thursday, the “Tunas” will be heard once more, following a year in which the tradition had appeared to fall by the wayside. Then, on May 12, there will be an evening of rock, with classic Portuguese artists Jorge Palma and Rui Veloso taking to the stage. Finally, on Saturday 13, there will be performances by Reacções Verbais and Boss AC, with DJ Pete Tha Zouk closing the event.

The concerts are open to the general public and tickets are now on sale from Forum Algarve in Faro, Fnac at Algarve Shopping in Guia, Associação Académica outlets and from the venue itself.