Algarve Tree Services removes unwanted tree stumps

After four years of carrying out high quality tree work across the region and into Spain, Algarve Tree Services can now offer an alternative method of removing unwanted or unsightly tree stumps for

their clients.

The use of Stump Grinding machines is fairly common in the UK but relatively unheard of in the Algarve. These machines do away with the need to hire diggers or JCBs, with the associated possible damage to lawns and gardens, as they target just the stump with minimal ground disturbance, allowing re-instatement of your lawn or re-planting to be carried out.

“Sometimes the tree stump is inaccessible to a JCB-type machine but our stump grinders require only 87cm of access width, for the large, self-propelled model, and 65cm for the smaller machine.” says Martin Foy, owner of Algarve Tree Services.

“The machines will tackle any size or species of tree stump and grind it down to 40cm below ground level, more than enough for lawn re-instatement or replanting and our clients are pleased we can offer this service, in addition to tree surgery, when it is necessary to fell a tree” continued Martin.

Regain your lawn, shrub border or driveway from unwanted tree stumps by contacting Algarve Tree Services on 917 479 921 or visit