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Algarve travel trends to observe in 2024

As we step into 2024, the travel industry will continue to be shaped by evolving technologies, changing customer preferences and so much more. The coming year promises to be a time of exciting developments, offering tourists new experiences and reshaping the way we explore the world.

Of course, these trends cannot be ignored – even if they are only emerging right now. Planning ahead allows property owners to get in front of these trends before anyone else. At SandyBlue, we help our owner partners do just that.

Having observed trends throughout the year, here are SandyBlue’s top trends and what they mean for tourism in the Algarve.

Travel trends we have our eyes on

Sustainable travel, while not a new trend, is evolving. The term ‘responsible tourism’ has grown in popularity, as it involves respecting local communities and minimising a negative impact on destinations. So, these guests will be looking for companies that respect the environment and the local businesses. Sustainability is particularly important to younger audiences, which brings us to our next trend.

As the rise of Gen Z tourists becomes a dominant force in travel, their preferences are shaping the industry. This audience seeks an authentic experience, with social media-worthy scenery, food and culture. This means that they will look for more personalised and ‘off-the-beaten-path’ adventures.

Of course, they want a property where all of this is accessible. At SandyBlue, our guest experience team already helps organise unique activities with a personal approach. Our location guides and property information guides allow guests to find what they are looking for.

The ‘workation’ is also evolving. What began as solo professionals working short stints in different locations has now grown into extended stays. Furthermore, companies are striving to improve the workplace happiness of employees. As a result, work retreats are on the rise. These allow employees to get their work done and go out to enjoy a new location in their free time.

New markets are emerging, thanks to more flight connections being introduced in 2024. New York, Azores, Southampton, Brest and Helsinki connections open up so many new possibilities. However, now is the time to promote to these audiences so that they are equipped with the knowledge they need about the Algarve. More consumers are taking their travel research digital, so targeted campaigns and advertisements will become even more competitive.

2024 – the year for new opportunities

The hard work never stops in the world of Algarve tourism. With diverse guests comes a need for dedicated marketing, unique content and knowledge that really stands out from the crowd.

By SandyBlue Team
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