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Algarve tourism winter campaign

A NEW promotional campaign costing 420,000 euros was launched on October 20 in the UK to help boost tourism in the Algarve through the winter months.

The Algarve tourism association (ATA) has targeted cities across England, Ireland and Scotland with high level campaigns in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Shannon and Belfast.

The cities were chosen because of their direct air links with the Algarve. The campaign hopes to enforce the brand of the Algarve to existing tourists to the area and increase awareness of the Algarve to potential tourists during the winter period.

Forty taxis have been transformed into mobile advertising campaigns with both the interior and exterior of the vehicles bearing the Algarve logos and will travel around the cities through the winter months.

There are also 1,400 billboards with the Algarve poster on display across the UK while other forms of outdoor media are being employed including short films on municipal television screens.

The campaign in the UK differs from other global marketing strategies by the Algarve because it has taken into account the strength of the pound in relation to the euro and the current economic climate in the UK which is reflected in the adverts.

As part of the winter campaign the ATA has also been working closely with British journalists to encourage positive reports of the region.

This has included taking journalists on tours of the Algarve to show that it is a family friendly region and arranging interviews with officials such as António Pina, the president of the ERTA.

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