Algarve Tourism wants to implement tourist tax in all municipalities

Revenue from the tax will help finance the region’s tourism promotion without depending solely on the State.

Holidays in the Algarve will become a bit more expensive as municipalities start charging a tourist tax. At least, that is the Algarve Tourism Board’s (RTA) objective.

The president of the RTA, André Gomes, stated that this measure would be “additional financing for tourism promotion” without depending exclusively on the State.

The proposal foresees that the revenues be used for the “development of infrastructure capable of responding to both the needs and experiences of residents and tourists”.

Currently, only Vila Real de Santo António, Faro and Olhão charge a tourist tax, but the objective is to extend the measure to the remaining municipalities in the region.

In a recent interview with the Portugal Resident, the RTA president stated, “I find it hard to believe that a tourist destination of excellence such as the Algarve only has three boroughs charging a tourist tax. I’ve been to many places which aren’t even tourist destinations, much less of excellence, that charge tourist taxes.

“Any top-notch tourist destination charges a tourist tax, and that doesn’t deter tourists from visiting those destinations. I would like to see all municipalities (in the Algarve) charge a tourist tax equally” to ensure it is not a differentiating factor when the tourist chooses where to stay, he explained.

As for its value, he adds that it should be “around €1 to €2”, just like the proposal made to the Algarve Intermunicipal Community (AMAL) in the previous mandate.

There were, however, some limitations. “For example, a tourist staying more than seven nights would not pay tourist tax beyond the seven nights”, he said, as well as “a set of exemptions for children”.