João Fernandes, president of the Algarve Tourism Board

Algarve tourism boss applauds suspension of “tourist tax”

The Algarve municipalities association’s (AMAL) decision to suspend a series of payments and charges, including the “tourist tax”, in a bid to “lessen the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the population” has been applauded by regional tourism chief João Fernandes.

As the Resident reported this morning, AMAL, which represents the Algarve’s 16 boroughs, agreed to postpone the payment of water bills until May and also approved the deferral and/or exemption of payment of rents on public concessioned equipment, the exemption of fees for the occupation of public roads and the suspension of tourist taxes.

“At this moment, protecting public health and people’s wellbeing is everyone’s first goal. But we cannot neglect the future competitiveness of our economy,” Fernandes said in a statement to the press this Thursday.

“It is our companies that generate and will continue to generate wealth and employment in the region.”
Fernandes also said that any positive sign is an important step towards a positive turnaround “given the tough period that the different tourism activities are going through, namely the accommodation sector”.