Algarve to regain control of its ports

Minister of the Sea Ana Paula Vitorino is due in the Algarve tomorrow to announce control of the region’s ports will once again return to local hands.

It is yet another PS move countering unpopular (and in this case unworkable) austerity-led measures of the last PSD government.

As Público explains, the ports of the Algarve are now in crisis.

Since coming under the umbrella of “Sines and Algarve ports authority”, local problems have multiplied – to the point that Faro port is in danger of closing altogether, and Portimão is struggling in need of costly improvements.

Right now, the volume of business from the Algarve represents only a tiny percentage of the current combined administration with Sines, and the way ahead will need creative thinking.

Following her trip to Portimão tomorrow, in which Vitorino is likely to outline plans for the Algarve, the minister will be accompanying prime minister António Costa to Sines on Monday to reveal the government’s strategic plan for the nation’s ports.

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