Algarve to present seismic risk study

A seismic and tsunami risk study for the Algarve is due to be presented to the public at the end of this month, according to Faro civil governor Isilda Gomes.

This presentation is due to be presided over by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Rui Pereira, and although it was due to be held in the summer when the study was completed, according to the civil governor, several measures it describes are already being carried out.

“The district commission of the civil protection authority has ordered the creation of a district civil protection plan, in which the results of this study will be taken into account,” said Isilda Gomes.

Once the plan is complete, its efficiency will be tested with “simulations in the field,” which could be carried out by the end of April 2010.

Meanwhile, the district command of emergency operations (CDOS) in Faro will also have a simulator, which will help to place personnel in the field more efficiently in case of a disaster.

This IT simulator includes data about the region including number of inhabitants at different times of the year, roads, infrastructures and more.

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